Performance Gm Transmissions

Performance GM transmissions take your car or truck to another level. A two, three, or four-level transmission gets your car, bracket racer, mud truck, or drag racer flawlessly into gear. Gearstar turbo and non-turbo transmissions come with carbon fiber parts and a thorough inspection.

What are the benefits of a transmission overhaul?

Your GM may already be ready to get out of dodge. The 2020 Corvette comes stock with a mind-blowing 495 horsepower. However, new and better-quality parts can easily kick your vehicle into another category.

Transmissions allow your engine to run smoothly at high speeds. Quality transmissions provide smoother transitions and consistent power. Your car accelerates faster without a noticeable switch. Upgrades to your automatic transmission from companies such as Gearstar empower a whole new level of racing.

What types of GM transmissions are available?

GM transmissions carry their weight. These products back some of the most reliable trucks on the road. While they are reliable, they are by no means the best performing on the market.

Each of Gearstar’s two, three, and four level transmissions brings carbon fiber parts, high capacity clutches, and the power of American steel to the road or track. Our parts are made to race.

Transmissions for a turbo

The turbo transmission offers an extra kick. These options are perfect for GM trucks and high-end sports cars. These transmissions can handle over 1200 horsepower.

Your box truck benefits from the same transmissions as a sports car. They require flawless power to keep industry moving. Shift gears faster. Gain an edge over the competition even if it is from the warehouse to the retailer.

What is the benefit of a transmission with a converter?

One of the benefits of owning a GM vehicle is the availability of a high-performance motor backed by a transmission with a converter. Converters directly transfer power from the engine to your drive train.

Maintain the smoothest gear transfer possible accompanied by an unrivaled boost in power. A GM or Chevrolet performance automatic transmission makes the most of your motor’s capabilities.

Best warranty in the industry

When you demand better longer-lasting performance, a high caliber warranty is a must. Our transmissions come with the best warranties in the industry. Whether you are taking your Corvette out for a weekend on the track or building the heavy-duty truck your company needs, we have you covered.

Transmissions are under enormous torque and stress. Any failure on our part needs to be covered.

Performance GM transmissions

Performance GM transmissions turn your car or truck into a behemoth. Get the most out of your American muscle. There is nothing like supplying smooth and steady power to your automobile. Commercial and racing vehicles deserve quality performance.

Gearstar inspects every transmission that leaves our factory. With an industry-leading warranty, carbon-fiber components, and even a turbo, our transmissions pack a punch. Get in touch with us to find out more about purchasing a Gearstar transmission. Call (330) 434-5216 or visit our website today.

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