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Shipping from China to the USA


Transport cost and time remains one of the main determinants for businesses and wholesalers to decide their sourcing locations. At first it seems that there are many different costs, procedures and variables to think about when deciding whether to source from China; so in this blog we hope to share...

The Most Profitable Products to Source from China


The Most Profitable Products to Source from China “Made In China" goods are all around the world ranging from jeans to television sets. Historically, Chinese exports to other nations were mainly petroleum, textiles, and clothing. But nowadays, the export portfolio has increased to leather travel goods, toys and games, electronics,...

3 General Tips on China Quality Control Inspections


In China, it can be difficult to find suppliers who pay as close attention to quality as you do. Often as a new client of a supplier, the quality of your first order (or first few) is satisfactory. But as orders and money come through regularly, suppliers become lax with...


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