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Sourcing from China: How to Perform a SWOT Analysis


If you’re sourcing from China, you understand the importance of management and you are probably already evaluating your systems and processes on a regular basis to ensure that they are running optimally and according to your plans and your vision. (If you’re not, you really should.) SWOT stands for “Strengths,...

In Search of Experience


Experience: “Knowledge and skill gained while doing something” (MacMillan).  Experience is a fun topic. In politics, those who have a lot of it worry they are too old, and those who don’t have enough argue it is not important. Kissinger is 100 years old, is his experience valuable? You decide. ...

The Most Profitable Products to Source from China


The Most Profitable Products to Source from China “Made In China" goods are all around the world ranging from jeans to television sets. Historically, Chinese exports to other nations were mainly petroleum, textiles, and clothing. But nowadays, the export portfolio has increased to leather travel goods, toys and games, electronics,...

Sourcing furniture from China


Sourcing furniture from China The furniture business is what you would call a quiet industry in the business world. You won’t see headlines about furniture on a daily basis, but everyone’s subconsciously talking about it. Everyone uses a piece of furniture on a daily basis, whether it be a chair,...

Chinese Stones: A Huge and Steady Industry


Chinese Stones: A Huge and Steady Industry China is the biggest stone producer in the world. On top of that, China is one of the world’s biggest stone exporters. To illustrate: the total transaction value of stone imports and exports in 2012 reached an amount of more than 8 billion...

The History of Starbucks in China: How to make a name in a tea-drinking culture?


If we think about China's favourite beverage, tea is probably the first and unique word that comes to our mind. The dominance of this devotion makes it difficult to find another option. However, since the entrance of Starbucks in 1998, the supremacy has been attenuated. The American company has been...

4 Tips for Sourcing Toys from China


Every time when you look at a toy, you will probably see the “Made in China” inscription. Indeed, a lot of well-known brands such as Disney World, Mattel, Lego, and McDonald’s are sourcing toys from China. In fact, 80 percent of the merchandise sold worldwide is produced there. That is...

First Impressions: Using the Beijing Subway to Navigate Through the City


Anyone who has dared venture outside their apartment door is immediately greeted by the diverse sights and smells that a cultural hub like Beijing has to offer. One particularly poignant sight is the 8am rush on the Beijing subway. On the streets above, pedestrians constantly bump into each other, cars...


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