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Buy Direct from China vs US


American-made vs China-bought has been a hot topic as of late. With the recent political climate, the trade war, and tariffs, more and more importers are looking to move their supply chain management in China home. But is that really in their best interest? Should importers buy direct from China...

In Search of Experience


Experience: “Knowledge and skill gained while doing something” (MacMillan).  Experience is a fun topic. In politics, those who have a lot of it worry they are too old, and those who don’t have enough argue it is not important. Kissinger is 100 years old, is his experience valuable? You decide. ...

China Supply Chain Management: Dare to Delegate


Napoleon said, “If you want a thing done well, do it yourself.” So why delegate? Does it even make sense?  We know that managers (even Napoleon) delegate. That is pretty much a definition of management. But why?  And how? We previously wrote a blog about Hiring Teams vs. Individuals and...

IA: China churns out top ratings as world’s factory


This time we discuss an article posted by South China Morning Post (2013-05-14) about China's competitive edge and opportunities for the coming years. Based on recent studies conducted by KPMG's research in November last year, the article states that despite the increasing labour costs and worker shortages, China still churns out...

IA: SMEs respond to pressures with ingenuity, new products


Whilst monitoring many platforms for new steps in China manufacturing, we came across this article written by Shi Jing and Yu Ran in Shanghai (China Daily). The article in question responds to the Chinese economic reform, in particular the gear shifting transition from a manufacturing, export driven economy to a...

IA: Protecting your trademark in China


We recently came across a new article from the China Law Blog that seems particularly relevant for those who are doing business in China and/or using Chinese distributors and we wanted to share their great insights into the matter as we have blogged about this topic several times. They provide a...


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