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Sourcing From China in 2023? A Sourcing Expert Explains 3 Things Every Importer Should Know About Buying Direct From China Post-Zero-Covid


For those involved with global sourcing, we trust you experienced three unusual years since Covid broke out at the end of 2019. If you have been sourcing high volumes of “Made in China” goods, do you trust China more or less given the challenges that emerged alongside Covid?  From our...

The Importance of Product Categorization: Part two – How Does CPG Categorize Products?


In our last blog, we discussed why product categorization is important to ensure products meet requirements and quality standards. In this blog, we will describe how CPG employs this process. CPG categorizes products based on two aspects: Industry and Product Maturity. Categorization Based on Industry Industrial: CPG has been sourcing...

The Importance of Product Categorization: Part one – Product and Industry Knowledge


CPG prides itself on being “product agnostic.” We often say: if you can buy or make it in China, we can help. However, certain specifics about the type of product you are sourcing and its maturity in the market are important because this influences both the timeline to complete your...


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