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Meet Your China Team


At CPG, we believe that business is about people and sourcing is about relationships. An essential part of your supply chain is your relationship with your China team. When you work with CPG, our Beijing team becomes your China team. While your China team will have two people, a Team...

The Return to China Pt 2: 8 Tips for a Great Sourcing Trip 


In our last travel blog, The Return to China Pt 1, we covered how to carefully plan and prepare a trip to China for a factory visit or a trade fair. And, due to the complexities and challenges of such a grueling international trip, many companies are choosing not to...

The Return to China Pt 1: 4 Tips Business Travelers Must Know When Traveling to China


If your business relies on China sourcing, there’s a good chance you’ve waited more than three years for an in-person visit and this has affected your supply chain management in China. Now, the time has come. China has eased its travel restrictions and has ended its zero-Covid policy – but...

The 3 Essentials Importers Must Master when Sourcing from China


All three must be controlled or the results could be unfortunate.   Importers sourcing from China do so because they are looking for ways to save.  They want to outsmart the competition and get their product to market at an unbeatable price.  More than just buying a product at the...

Client Spotlight: Kickfurther


Money, money, money.  There never seems to be enough of it. Especially now. As businesses everywhere shut their doors in response to COVID-19, both health and money remain primary concerns. Funding has long been one of the standard concerns for many of CPG’s clients. Specifically, not having enough money to...

Top 10 China Sourcing Companies Part 1: The List


Sourcing from China offers tremendous cost savings, especially if you buy directly from Chinese factories. To do so, you need the right on-site support. (To learn more about why on-site support is essential – see The Cost of Doing Nothing.) But what does on-site support mean, exactly? For large importers, this...

Independence Day and Your China Supply Chain


On this Fourth of July we have been thinking about the value of independence in the China supply chain.  Great buyers like to be in control. By “independence” we mean that buyers are “not dependent” on the whim of any particular supplier but are firmly in control of their own...

The China Sourcing Solution: The 5 steps to sourcing success – Part 3


This week’s blog is the final part of a three-part series on CPG’s China Sourcing Solution, which provides you, the importer, with an expert sourcing team in China (Read Part 1 and Part 2).   As discussed, implementing the China Sourcing Solution comprises the following five steps:    – Step 1: Understanding...


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