The Most Profitable Products to Source from China

The Most Profitable Products to Source from China

“Made In China” goods are all around the world ranging from jeans to television sets. Historically, Chinese exports to other nations were mainly petroleum, textiles, and clothing. But nowadays, the export portfolio has increased to leather travel goods, toys and games, electronics, machinery, footwear to anything you can imagine.

Product is the key to importing. If the product does not have enough demand then it will likely not be very profitable to import. But there are products out there that can sell for a much higher price then what the buyer pays for it. Good profit potential is possible when selling in a different country.

But which are the most profitable products to source from China?

  • Toys
  • Motorcycles
  • Furniture
  • Sport Goods
  • Kitchenware
  • Electronic devices and home appliances
  • Plastics and articles etc.
  • Footwear and parts etc.

Apart from these top products, you can import many products from China, not for nothing is the world’s powerhouse, but these are the products that generate more profits. Despite the increasing wage and costs, China still holds an advantage in productivity and flexibility. You may find cheaper labor in other South East Asia countries but not many are as well trained. While China is increasingly losing its edge in low cost, China labor is moving up to the value chain and becoming a powerhouse of high-end products.

Never think you have to import from the top products list. It’s almost always better to import a product you’re knowledgeable about and preferably passionate about. Choose items you are passionate about. In order to be profitable you need to sell the products. How can you sell anything that you have no connection with? People need to understand that sales, profits and income don’t just come from using the latest Ebay-analysis tool.


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